OEM manufacturer Hurricane Impact Lift Sliding Door - Stick Curtain Wall – Altop

Frame curtain wall (Structural component curtain wall) is that the curtain wall component (column, beam, and panel ) which finished in our work shop deliver to the site. As per the certain construction technology of curtain wall column switching to install to the main structure one by one, then install the beams, panels and glass, finally complete the whole wall installation form of curtain wall. Stick curtain wall from the appearance can be divided into the exposed frame curtain wall, half hidden frame curtain wall(crosswise hidden, vertical hidden), all hidden frame curtain wall, frame curtain wall with the excellent cost-effective,are widely used in building curtain wall market.
Exposed frame glass curtain wall is the curtain wall form which there is the decorative cover panel around glass  

Products features:

1、Good in air resistance, water resistance and shock resistance.

2、The panel is inset in the groove of extrusion, so it is safe and reliable.

3、Adopting the hot and cold bridge section for the exposed frame curtain wall system, the insulation property is pretty good.

4、The cross and vertical decorative panels can create the unique architectural visual effect.

5、Can achieve any shapes building curtain wall effect.

6、Easy to disassemble, easy to change, easy to maintenance.