Manufacturer of High Quality External Wall Cladding - SS louver – Altop

Mainly to undertake the business classification as follows:
1.Stainless steel curtain wall projects.Eg: SS curtain wall decorating parts;curtain wall SS bracket/connectors;SS louver;SS decorated mesh;SS  metallic combination panels.
2.Stainless steel decoration projects.Eg: Elevator SS wrapper sheet,SS window  wall and door; SS screen;SS partition wall;SS stairs;SS railings and SS handrail.
3.Stainless steel Basis projects.Eg:SS structure canopy,SS floor drain/grating;SS light poles;SS bollars;SS barrier,SS fence.
4.Stainless steel municipal engineering projects. Eg:SS bus station;SS blind sidewalk,SS overbridge;SS highway station/metro.
5.5.Stainless steel structures/fuction projects. Eg:SS customized products;all kinds of SS installation brackets/connectors; SS panels for all kinds of  equipment;SS flagpoles;SS hotel kitchen ware.  
We are specializing in producing SS satin panel, mirror panel,dull panel,sand blast panel,pattern panels;anti-skid panels and kinds of colored SS panels,with the grade 304,304L,316 and 316L. Workmanship includes high precision laser cutting,CNC V dadoing, CNC bending, CNC punching,punching forming,curving,edge rolling,pressing rivet,argon-arc welding,polishing,non-standard special pipes molding. Surface treatment includes brush,8K mirror,  satin finish,glass sandblasting,etching,electrofacing, physical vapor deposition(PVD),anti-finger etc. The standard thickness range 0.15~8mm, and the max
thickness can be 25mm,width can be 10~1500mm and length can be 1000~6000mm. And also we can order for the clients for all kinds of special  specifications of stainless steel products.