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Unitized curtain wall. Structure:
composed by the unitized panel. The beam and column is composed by unitized panel edge beam and edge column. That is unitized curtain wall beam is composed by 2 nos. Aluminum extrusion. It adopts sealant on the connections, without gluing.

Product features
1、Limited time for the project, fast to install, easy to protect the finished products, it can construct with the main structure at the same time. It is good for shorten the whole construction period.
2、All the unitized panel assembled in the workshop with high precision.
3、To provide the board platform to architect imagination, can design kinds of different style heteromorphism curtain wall to play the best artistic effect which the building adopts the curtain wall.
4、The structure adopts the pressure reduction theory step by step, drainage system inside, with the good in function of rain water resistance leakage and air resistance penetrating quality.
5、The joint of panel all adopts the special and aging resistance sealant
6、The panels is connected by means of insertion, with strong shock resistance.