Bottom price Designs Of Safety Doors - Aluminum Solid Panel – Altop

The PVDF Aluminum panel from our factory is made of high-strength  aluminum alloy. PVDF coating. The thickness of panel can requested from 1.0mm to 30mm. The PVDF aluminum panel mainly consists of panel, stiffener and hanger, and working life can be more than 20 years.

Fluorocarbon resin coating is a kind of KYNAR一500 or HYLAR一5000 fluorocarbon resin organic coating with excellent performance. It can not be compared with other paints such as excellent resistance to weathering and UV resistance;color, luster are very durable and stable;excellent acid and alkali resistant properties to withstand the harsh environment test experience;smooth coating, pollution- resistant,good coating adhesion,high tenacity,strong impact resistance;a wide range of colors,bright appearance,excellent texture;the performance of fluorocarbon resin coating meets AAMA2605 standard. The color of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is determined by the color of the surface coating. Different kinds of colors can be provided as required by the engineering according to customer requirements.

APPLICATION OF PVDF ALUMINUM SOLID PANEL :Building curtain wall, column,balcony,clapboard package decoration,interior decoration,advertising sign,carriage,furniture,
booth,instrument housings,instrument panels, etc.

The Features of PVDF Aluminum Solid Panel:
(1)Light weight, good rigidity, high strength
(2)Super weather-resistance, UV resistance, Acid and Alkali resistance
(3)Widely color option, good performance for decoration.
(4)Easy for clearance and maintenance, but not easy to stain. 
(5)Easily and fast for the installation and construction.